how to make citymaps of 9210 work for 7650/3650:

install citymaps application (download it from
install a city from the original CD of tomtom:
"tomtom citymaps 9210" which you have bought from or other partners

if you want the city of oslo(norway) do these simple steps:
install OSLO from tomtom CD 9210
with a file manager(seleQ or Fexplorer) copy
the 5 .dat files located in the folder:

create the following folder
and move them into:

the 5 dat files into system\apps\citymaps\oslo
are not usefull now! delete them!!

open citymaps application and enjoy your ORIGINAL oslo

this tutorial is original written by jojo
at 6/11/2003

please respect the writter and dont edit this text